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Easter Order Protocols

Hello! Here you can find information about placing an order for the holidays, commonly asked questions and bakery protocols that are in place for holiday orders.


Easter Orders 101

Below are the order protocols Pink Apron Bakery has in place to ensure smooth operation through the holidays, and ensure your order is processed correctly and in a timely manner.

Order Pickup Options

Pickup options include:

Porch Pickup after 3PM on 4/8/23

Pickup at the Urban Escape Easter Pop Up Event in Spicer on 4/8/23 from 10AM-2PM.

Please leave a note in the special request box when placing your order, if you plan to pickup at the event.

Porch Pickup from 9AM-11AM on 4/9/23

Packaging Specifications

  • If you have special packaging needs, such as individually wrapped cookies or separation of items containing allergens, please leave a note in the special request box when ordering, or send us an email with the exact specifications. 

Order Modifications

  • All items are made "as is" and are not able to be modified beyond removal of potential allergen ingredients. 

  • All items sold in "batches" or "1/2-1 Dozen" can not be modified to contain other flavors of the same item. Example: Bagels sold in 1/2-1 Dozen batches consist of 1 flavor only. We will not mix and match multiple flavors in a batch size.

Special Requests

  • While placing an order, there is an option to leave a special request. Please note that we will attempt to honor your special request to the best of our ability. If a special request falls outside of our operating procedures, we will not be able to process said request.

  • *NOTE* Ingredients that are not listed as additions (i.e. toppings, inclusions) cannot be added as a special request to an item.

Order Placement

  • All orders must be placed through the website. We will not be accepting any orders through our Quick Contact Form, Email, or our social media platforms such as Facebook, Messenger Apps or Instagram. This will ensure that your order does not get forgotten or lost in one of our inboxes.

  • If you do not have access to a computer or our mobile browser, phone orders are welcome.

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