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Pink Apron Holiday 2021 Gift Guide!

This one's for the bakers in your life. As they bring you so much joy with their craft, you too can return the favor with one of these simple, yet meaningful gifts!

These are just a few items I swear by, and that help make the magic happen all year round in my kitchen. Iv'e attached links at the bottom for some of the items.

Here's my list:

Baking (parchment) Paper: This might seem simple, but it is a highly utilized tool by most bakers. Perfect for lining pans, decorating on, and wrapping up baked goods. I buy most of my parchment at Costco or Sam's Club, in bulk rolls so it lasts longer.

My tip: Make sure it is heat proof to 500 degrees!

Measuring Cups/Spoons: Tanner would insist otherwise, but you can never have too many measuring cups and spoons. I have close to 12 sets of both, in various metal finishes, because why not?! It comes in handy to have multiples on hand, so you can avoid the constant washing and drying process that comes with having only one set. If one cup is dirty, grab a clean one from another set!

My tip: Make sure you buy a higher quality set with sturdy handles, so they don’t break when digging into more firm substances like brown sugar or shortening!

Kitchen Scale: Probably one of the most important tools a baker can own. Baking is a science. Scaling your ingredients is essential when it comes to baking, to ensure you have the correct amount to maximize your success! You don't want to eyeball or mis-measure, and end up with a brick of flour instead of a loaf of bread.

My Tip: I purchased my scales at Target, and have had them for over 5 years now. They were relatively cheap, and are very durable! Most smaller scales can read up to 4000 grams, but if you plan on weighing more than that I would choose a larger bakers scale. There's benefits to both, so find which type works best for you and your business.

Bench Scraper: This is a great tool to have in the kitchen. Ideal for cleaning your work surface, chopping up nuts, cheese and dough, this little guy will make kitchen work a breeze. No more scooping up flour off your counter with your hands!

My Tip: Find one that is at least 6" long and has measuring increments on the side. I buy most of mine at TJ Maxx.

Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer: This little gem is my secret weapon in the kitchen. I never temped my bakes until my bakery position at Costco. Temping your bakes can help you better determine the doneness of your items. Let me tell you, the last thing you want is to pull a perfectly golden loaf of bread out of the oven, only to realize its still raw in the middle...not good. This thermometer is perfect for temping all of your bakes, and it takes a second to get that temperature read!

Hedley & Bennet Aprons: Now I cannot preach enough about the quality of these aprons. This is where I purchased my Bubblegum Pink apron, the origin and icon of my business. The fabric is buttery soft, but sooo durable. Stains come out with every wash, and the prints are ridiculously cute! Well worth the price, and now you can purchase custom embroidered accents as well. You won't be able to stop at just one!

My Tip: If you are a mom or dad, and have a mini baker on your hands, splurge and get a matching apron for your future baking star!

Le Creuset Dutch Ovens: One of my most used items in my kitchen. I have over 15 dutch ovens from Le Creuset, and they are what make this little micro bakery work. My mom has passed down some of her dutch ovens that she was gifted in her first few years of college. 40 years later and they are just as pristine as my newer ones! The durability and vast array of gorgeous colors will make it hard to choose.

My Tip: Choose a larger size oven, the 8qt and larger are ideal for larger loaves weighing 2# or more unbaked.

Hot Pads/Oven Mitts: Protect those hands with a nice set of heat proof mitts or gloves. You can find some great options on Amazon. Again, you can never have too many pairs!

My Tip: Reach for a silicone coated pair, they are more resistant to heat, and they don’t get dirty like traditional fabric ones. Just a quick rinse with some soapy water and they look brand new. Not to mention, they grip better than fabric mitts.

Wine: Part of me feels like a should’t have to explain this one…but there’s nothing more rewarding than baking your butt off, and then sitting down with a full glass of wine to unload! If you know your recipients favorite brand, buy a few bottles, but if you're not sure, reach for a pleasant red blend or a Riesling.

I hope you all gathered some inspiration for your gift giving! Remember, it's the simple things that mean the most. No matter what you decide to bless your fellow baker with this year, it's sure to bring them joy, and help them on their way to baking greatness!

Shopping List Links:

Le Creuset Dutch Ovens:

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